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The 2023 Workshop on Why You Should Ditch the Vision Board

If You Really Want to Overcome Resistance, Embrace the Unknown and Create Your Dream Life

As a high achiever, entrepreneur, CEO or other leader, vision boards have likely been a staple in your life. And while you may have checked off some of those goals glued to your vision board, the reality is that vision boards don’t work. 

At least not alone.
You see, cutting out pretty pictures, gluing them to a board and visualizing yourself succeeding is NOT enough for you to create the life you crave. 

And science proves that.
For example, a 2011 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that fantasizing about success decreases the likelihood that someone will focus their efforts on turning their fantasy into reality. 

Let me explain:
When you glue a picture of a mansion to your vision board, your brain reacts as if you already have your dream house. And the energy and motivation to make the income required to get the mansion decreases when your mind believes you’ve already hit the goal. 

Okay, so if a vision board filled with all of your hopes and dreams won’t help you achieve success, what will? 

Join me for “Ditch the Vision Board,” to find out.

Here's What You'll Get...

60 minute workshop (2023 New Year Version)

Leverage a rarely-talked-about process you must do BEFORE creating another vision board or facilitating your next team vision meeting

Reset your thoughts and patterns to visualize yourself putting in the work, so you have a higher likelihood of turning your vision board pictures into your real life 

Get the 411 on the steps you must take to rejection-proof your goals and dreams and pave a real path toward continuous progress and prosperity

Develop the positive mindset you need to take positive action and win (even during challenging times that make you feel like you’re continually losing) 

And so much MORE ...

It’s also for those who want to proactively ditch old-school vision board tactics and become an early
adopter of innovative methods proven to work in the “new normal.”

This must-attend workshop is for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and high achievers who want to gain the timeless strategies, guidance and know-how to
WIN in life and in their careers (even during challenging times).

ACTION-TAKER BONUS: You’ll receive lifetime* access to the Workshop recording so you can catch every critical lesson I share.

PLUS, if you’re one of the FIRST 20 to register, you’ll gain an all-access, front-row seat to tune into
the LIVE virtual workshop (Year 2023 Version) and get all of your burning questions answered once and for all.

Double Bonus: Begin funding your dream life as a PAID affiliate for my coaching programs or service offerings.

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